Boost Entertainment Center

Everyone is equal in the eyes of fun

Through the rebranding efforts, the former brand Smaash successfully transformed into Boost, an indoor family entertainment center that offers high-quality, accessible entertainment for all in KSA. The new brand positioning captured the essence of Boost, creating a joyful and engaging brand identity. The case demonstrates how strategic branding decisions can revitalize a brand while maintaining market equity and attracting the target market.


After acquiring the business, our client sought a rebranding solution that would preserve the existing market equity while adapting to the new business model. The challenge was to create a brand identity that reflected the essence of the brand while appealing to a wide range of customers in KSA. The goal was to eventually develop a brand that would establish itself as a premier indoor family entertainment center.


The primary objective was to establish and position the new brand, "Boost," as a provider of high-quality accessible entertainment for everyone. While also creating an engaging environment that would attract fun seekers of all ages and become the go-to destination for exciting experiences in KSA.


To meet the challenge and achieve the objective, the solution involved a comprehensive rebranding effort for the acquired business, resulting in the birth of "Boost," an animated, dynamic, and joyful new direction. The brand naming process led to the selection of "Boost," which perfectly conveyed the exhilarating experiences visitors would have. The bilingual logo design featured a playful and colorful representation of the brand, incorporating circles to symbolize a fun-filled environment for the whole family. With a memorable and engaging brand identity, Boost successfully positioned itself as a high-quality and accessible destination for exciting experiences.