Le Croissant


Born in Jeddah around four decades ago, Le Croissant has been a huge part of everyone’s childhood. It is known for serving authentic French breakfast & delicious coffee at affordable prices. The brand has strong equity and image among Jeddah’s dwellers & visitors.

Our solution was to uplift the brand while preserving some of the original brand assets, such as the dark blue color that distinguished it from other brands.

We have also redesigned the logo based on a custom typeface while keeping the croissant-shape in the beginning of the word. The fluffiness of the typeface gives it a friendly and modern, yet mature and abstract look. The added heart symbol embodies the brand archetype “the innocent”, which aims to spread love, optimism and happiness all around, it also represents the brand’s tagline: “Baked with Love”. The brand’s evolution marks the beginning of a new era, showing the willingness of the brand to move forward & expand with a modern and relevant image.